My Story

My life really is a Whirlwind right now!

This blog is an outlet for me to share things I’m passionate about and interested in. If I can find the time to do so…

Each month seems to FLY by before I can write the date correctly for that month even. I’m a mom who spends most of my time at home with my 3 kids, I’m a christian and I serve regularly in my church (Harvest) and I try to squeeze in some work on the side for the company I used to work for full time. Oh, plus I need to fit in trying to lose some of this weight these children gave me. I keep pretty busy!

I am so lucky to have the most amazing husband! He really does so much for our family! On top of working, and serving in church, he enthusiastically cooks and shops for our food! He has been eating “Primal” (Paleo, but with dairy) for over 5 years now and he’s super into it. He is so into it actually, that he has a primal blog himself – – and because he’s enjoyed having that, he encouraged me to start a blog.

How did I arrive at “”? 

Well the Lord met me in my quiet time as I was reading very little of the book of Ezekiel. By “Quiet” I mean all the kids were awake and noisy, but safely occupied. I made it to Ezekiel 1:4 – only 4 verses in – it got much louder and crazy and my time reading quickly came to a halt but the Lord gave me a word that I needed so badly. At the time with a new baby, a feisty screaming almost 2 year old and an always talking 3 and a half your old… I’d been replying “it’s been a whirlwind” every time someone asked me how I was. Anyway in the 4 verses I did get to read in the bible, Ezekiel was talking about this vision he saw and it looked like a “whirlwind” and he described what he saw (basically a vision of the Lord) and he said the CENTER glowed like amber. I don’t know if it’s exactly in context, but the Lord whispered this to my heart: “Kristi it will be a crazy whirlwind, maybe just today, maybe a week, maybe a month or a season, but keep ME the CENTER of the whirlwind!” I have clung to this reality since! It’s going to be a crazy, wild whirlwind with my 3 girls and all that is ahead! I just need to keep focused on Jesus, and it’s all going to be okay.

So why start a blog?

I started this blog because my husband thinks I buy too many books for our kids. I do admit, I’m a little obsessed with Christian kids books, especially for the non-reader ages of our kids. I decided when our first daughter was 1 that I wanted to only spend my money on books that would either make her smarter or draw her closer to the Lord. I have found myself in many situations being asked for suggesting a book for a kid’s gift. So my initial intent was to start posting reviews here because kids books are something I get excited about.  Also, because documenting it all in one place would also be beneficial.

I also am into year two of the Lord telling me I’m supposed to write a book – not a children’s book though. It’s not that I’m ignoring the Lord, it’s just that I have 3 little kids to occupy my time. I have made a tiny dent in this project, but I’m sorting out what direction I am supposed to go with this “book”.

I feel like starting a blog gives me a writing outlet. I don’t think I’m any sort of descent writer… but I think that through writing something, just anything, I am exercising my spiritual gifts in a way that will move me closer to what I’m sure the Lord is calling me to do.

But ALSO – to be real – I learned about “affiliate links” and how people can make a little money on the side from their blogs. This enticed me honestly, because that means I can supplement my family’s income a little. So Full Disclosure – that means if you click a link on my site, there is a high potential that I will get a (usually pretty small) monetary kickback.

So what you will you find here on

Probably a lot of kids books reviews at first… but who knows where this will go. I want to document what the Lord is doing in my life. What I do know is that I hope that the result of anyone spending time on my site is that you leave encouraged or inspired in some way or at least you walk away with a good gift idea.

Thanks for visiting