“I” is for Insight


noun 1. an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding 2. penetrating mental vision or discernment; faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth. 3. In Psychology: an understanding of relationships that sheds light on or helps solve a problem. In Psychotherapy: the recognition of sources of emotional difficulty. 4. an understanding of the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts, or behavior; self-knowledge.

Too often I find my self wondering “What Do I Do?”. Usually this is in my home when I see my child planning out how she wants jump off something or climb up high on something else. By the grace of God, she ends up not too banged up. I wonder this also, when I step back and think about how little food my toddler eats, how is she not starving? What do I Do? Other times, I wonder this when I don’t know what step to take next in life. Go left, or go right? Say yes or say no? Continue reading ““I” is for Insight”

“H” is for hate

In a past season I wrote a handful of these ABC entries and I moved them over to My Whirlwind Life. So if the story itself seems dated in some way… that’s because I wrote it a few years ago.

So 4 months passed between “G” and “H”and “hate” was the “H” word that came to me, over and over again when I wrote this a couple years ago. So today my “no, think of a different word” excuse isn’t working. So here it is.


verb1. Intense and passionate dislike for someone or something
. 2. To have a strong aversion to something
 3. Used politely to express one’s regret or embarrassment at doing something

I don’t think I should use the word “hate” enough for the right things. I want to be a loving and kind person. Ideally so hate shouldn’t be something I feel towards people especially. I think there are for sure things I hate to do or hate to eat.

In this very moment I ask myself “what do you really hate?” I can’t think of a food, I can only think of running, but I don’t know that I actually hate running. I can’t think of a person, which is good. But what does come to mind is that I hate how I frustrate myself. If I could map out what I want to accomplish in a week, from little things to big things, I hate characteristics within myself that conflict with accomplishing things. Continue reading ““H” is for hate”

Find Something That Works For You

I feel like I’ve told myself this every few weeks, but the truth is: that it true! You have to find something that works for you and make it work for you.

Trying to Achieve My Goals

For my New Year’s Resolutions – or goals – I decided I needed to lose a lot of weight. Funny, this has been my New Year’s Resolution for 5 years… BUT I finally found something that works for me!

I have been following Bikini Body Mommy’s 90 Day Challenge 7.0 since the beginning of the year and simultaneously majorly cutting back my carb intake.

Progress is Encouraging

Well now – Mid February – I find myself down a solid 10 pounds and legit down 5 inches around the fattest thickest part of my tummy. All the spots I measured – I am down 19+ inches! It’s been basically around 45 days!!! Continue reading “Find Something That Works For You”

“G” is for Grace



1 unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification / virtue coming from God / a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace 2 approval, favor / archaic :mercy, pardon / a special favor :privilege / disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency / a temporary exemption :reprieve

I don’t know if I normally say the dictionary is wrong but for the true meaning of “Grace” I think that we should turn to the bible. God gives us grace upon grace – that understanding of grace truly magnifies God’s immeasurable love for us. Continue reading ““G” is for Grace”

The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

Garden Curtain and the Cross Cover

Target Reader:

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross is a fantastic book. I would say this is ideal for young children and readers. We read it to our toddlers, but it is not a board book, so I do have to watch for any page ripping. This book is a GREAT Easter gift. It fully goes into why Jesus had to die on the Cross. Our sin separates us from God and His death on the Cross is the only way we can be reunited with God in Heaven some day. I juggled getting it for my daughter last Easter around her 3rd birthday… I’m glad I got it. Now, almost a year later she knows the whole story very well – which is the whole story of Jesus basically.

Continue reading “The Garden the Curtain and the Cross”