I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook

I Will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook by Judah Smith (Author),‎ Chelsea Smith (Author) and Alexandra Ball (Illustrator)

Target Reader:

I will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook is a FANTASTIC bible storybook for children of ALL ages. We read it to our toddler and preschooler. I am sure this book is perfect for early and young readers as well!


Usually around $15 – Click here to find it on Amazon. There was a Black Friday promotion last year where it was like $7!! I didn’t act fast enough to get it at that price though.

Included Stories

There are 29 Old Testament stories and 31 New Testament stories in I will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook. In addition to the stories, they have single pages that are like “profile” pages. These highlight a bible character or something and bring you into a new section of stories. Each section is ended by an “I will follow Jesus” page too. If you view this book on Amazon, they do have the “look inside” option which shows the table of contents. You can view the list of all the stories there.

Our Thoughts on this book:

I will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook was instantly one of my new favorites. My kids really draw out bed time, and we follow a “Only Jesus books at bedtime” rule. The stories are so perfectly concise in this book. It gets the main points out there and concludes every story in just 2 pages!! I don’t think they have cut any corners yet – we are only through the Old Testament at this point, and we got this book earlier this month for Magnolia’s birthday.

The “I will follow Jesus” sections are great – and SHORT! (I mean that in the best of ways!) This section really ties each story back to Jesus and this page includes a prayer too. Each section of stories starts with a character profile page which also includes a bible verse. We try to have the kids repeat the verse and with my preschooler we try to get her to memorize it.

I always like with the storybook bibles include the verse reference. This allows me to explain to my kids that the whole story can be found in the whole bible. I also LOVE when they have bookmarks! That seems silly, I know! But it makes finding the bookmark and saving our spot easier.

I would HIGHLY recommend I will Follow Jesus Bible Storybook !! This one is also in my top 3 storybook bibles.

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