Oh Hey GOD of the UNIVERSE… Could you hold on a sec?

Hey God, are you there? Can you hear me? I know you’re there, I know you hear me – It is my heart’s desire to hear from YOU the God of the Universe, who created me from nothing, who wants to pour out blessings on my life.


Lord, I Hear you! BUT could you just hold on a sec?! Or a minute, or a day, or a week, month or year. If you are like me, you want God to be near. You desire His perfect will for your life. You want to know Him more.


Do you miss it when God IS NEAR though? Do you put God on hold? Worse, do you do that… and not even realize it? I think I do, not always, but for sure sometimes. I don’t want to miss it though, not even a single time.

Be still and seek Him wholeheartedly

We need to (actually, really) want to hear. Seek the Lord with your WHOLE heart. With your whole self. Meaning turn OFF the distractions! Put away your phone, or even delete an app or 2 if you need to. This would look different for everyone, but it’s a heart thing. Take a moment to make God BIG again, take a moment to confess sin that is in the way, and have a heart of praise and thankfulness… and be raw and real with the one who made you!


He makes himself clear to us. He isn’t a God of confusion. You may not want to do whatever He is pointing you to do… you may have reservations because of fear or laziness. DO NOT PUT GOD ON HOLD! Scripture tells us to not fear or be anxious and to not be lazy… and whatever other excuse you have – surely scripture seats against that also. Obedience is one step at a time too. Start taking steps in that direction today – right now! Know too, that delayed obedience is actually disobedience. That reality set in when my kids don’t listen the first time… I don’t want to do that to God.

What’s my deal…

I know my reservation is because I want to see the big picture. I know what the Lord is showing me to do, and giving me a glimpse of what He may have for me… but I don’t take a real step 1 because I lazily day dream about step 10. Thus the Lord is telling me “Stop putting me on hold!”. Earlier this year I pleaded with the Lord for a vision… and He did! But i’m being very slow to work towards what I know He is calling me to do. It’s mostly because I don’t know where to start… I suppose even starting this blog and writing a little here is a start though. I want to keep taking steps towards what He has in store and not lazily let the time pass and make no progress in the direction I know He’s sending me.

My Heart

Lord, you are not a God of confusion. You answered my plea for a vision. I know what you are calling me to do. Get my heart in pace with YOU and push me to take steps towards what you are establishing in my life. Your calling is your enabling and I pray that you would have me to feel that enabling. I pray against laziness, that I would eagerly act on what you have shown me to do. I pray for favor and for encouragement from those you’ve placed in my life. I want to be used by you and be your vessel for whatever it is you want. Help me to be obedient! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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