The Garden the Curtain and the Cross

Garden Curtain and the Cross Cover

Target Reader:

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross is a fantastic book. I would say this is ideal for young children and readers. We read it to our toddlers, but it is not a board book, so I do have to watch for any page ripping. This book is a GREAT Easter gift. It fully goes into why Jesus had to die on the Cross. Our sin separates us from God and His death on the Cross is the only way we can be reunited with God in Heaven some day. I juggled getting it for my daughter last Easter around her 3rd birthday… I’m glad I got it. Now, almost a year later she knows the whole story very well – which is the whole story of Jesus basically.


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Our Thoughts on this book:

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross is AMAZING! This book could almost be categorized as an Easter book. It SO clearly presents the GOSPEL! It progresses from Adam and Eve in the “garden” to the fact that our sin separates us from God. This is displayed through the “Curtain” in a super non-confusing way. Then it goes through Jesus being born and his death on the “cross” for our sins, so that we can be in heaven with Him later.So much GOSPEL

The illustrations are awesome! Some of the pages are even illustrated in a way where you turn the book sideways and the text is all over the place on some pages also. Such a creative book!

My sister, who isn’t walking with the Lord (she’s a prodigal, pray for her), was here at bed time a few months back. Our oldest daughter picked THIS book for her to read to them at bedtime. I know my sister, who usually dismisses herself from any God conversations, got the whole gospel that night. I think the Lord can just as easily use this book in your family too. This is an avenue to present the Gospel when you may not have had a way otherwise.

The Good Book Company that publishes this book has a handful of other books. We LOVE and would recommend all of them and in time I hope to write about each the others also.

©The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross by Carl Laferton (Author),‎ Catalina Echeverri (Illustrator), The Good Book Company, 2016

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