9 Fruits Alive

9 Fruits Alive by Mindy MacDonald

Target Reader:

9 Fruits Alive is a great early reader book! We of course read it to our kids who don’t read yet and they LOVE it. This is a great gift too for people who aren’t “Religious” because who doesn’t want their child to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit?!?


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Included Stories

It has one spread for each of the 9 fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians.

Our Thoughts on this book:

9 Fruits Alive is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK!!! I have bought over 15 copies of this book in a quick few years. I give this as a gift any chance I get, I just have trouble keeping track of if i already gave it to someone!

At age 2 my daughter was relating to the scenarios in the stories and making mental connections to behavior. As we got to a new page we would have her repeat the fruit of the spirit. My younger daughter would just touch and feel the plastic fruits on the pages.

For Faithfulness, the spread has an old couple and it says that faithfulness is playing together until you’re old basically. My daughter would should out “That’s Grammy and Poppy!” and she still does! She tells her little sisters that now! She’s right though – my grandparents exemplify that in having been married for over 60 years!

I seriously absolutely love this book, and any kid would love it too. I can’t wait until my daughters can read on their own in another few years. It will give me such joy to just see them so knowledgable about the fruit of the spirt at a young age.

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