Easiest Dinner Option EVER

Dinner Made Easy

… Or actually MADE FOR YOU!

Which seriously makes this the easiest dinner option ever! And for multiple nights per week!

Our Freshly Box Delivery
Freshly Box on our Porch

I want to introduce you to FRESHLY! The Best Meal delivery option when you don’t have time to cook!

If you use our referral link to FRESHLY, you can get $20 off and we get a free meal too – if we ever start back up our subscription again. (Thanks for the meal in advance :))

So adding baby #3 made things a LOT more wild. Mostly in good ways. We both still wanted to keep doing bible study though. This meant my husband is gone one night a week and I’m gone one night a week… maybe rushing to eat together, but usually each night leaving the other with the kids for dinner and bedtime. 

We found FRESHLY right about the time we had the baby and then a month later was when bible study started. Our family didn’t have a new evening routine yet so we thought this would be a good solution to make sure we fit in dinner! AND IT WAS GREAT!

How Freshly Works
2 frozen meal packages
2 frozen Freshly meal packages

You make your meal selections about a week in advance and then they ship your meals all in 1 box on your selected day. Each meal is packed individually and you throw them all in the fridge.

When you’re ready for a meal – get this – you pull it out and basically poke a couple holes in the plastic film and JUST PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE!

Seriously the BEST microwaved meals I have EVER eaten. And I had my days of living off of Lean Cuisines – this is NOT anything like that! You can freeze these if you don’t eat them all within a week and even when heated from frozen – this is still NOT that! (You do add an extra minute when cooking from frozen.)


They have about 30 different meal options, with 5 of those being breakfast choices. There is a little of everything, and you can avoid things you don’t like also. (Like Turkey – PASS!) The food looks real good plated, but you can eat it out of the plastic container it comes in too! No dishes! YAY!

Freshly meal choices
Some Freshly meal options from their web page – freshly.com

I’m trying to limit my carbs lately, but my FAVORITE one was the Chicken Risotto with Butternut Squash (I think they currently have this one replaced with a peas version). Then, my second favorite was the Baked Penne Pasta with Italian Sausage, which was actually gluten free! My husband’s favorite was the Braised Pork one (This one isn’t currently listed as available) and Steak Peppercorn. Also, we gifted a subscription to my mom and she tried the breakfast options and loved the Denver Omelette.

On top of being super easy, FRESHLY meals are also pretty good for you:

Nutritional Elements

Making Freshly Work for our Family

For our order, we were ordering 6 at a time and eating them 2 nights a week, leaving 2 left over. We then froze those and did this for a few months, leaving us with about 10 in our freezer once we stopped our subscription. This doesn’t really include feeding our kids… but they mostly eat hot dogs and fruit anyway… so we just threw something easy together for them on those nights.

So I took the time to write this because it made our life so much easier in the busy season we were in. It helped us get adjusted to having 3 little ones and it allowed us to still stay involved in our bible study groups. Basically – it was a lifesaver! So if you’re looking for a break – give FRESHLY a try! We found the price to be descent when a discount is applied especially… for sure cheaper than eating out as a family of 5! Sometimes it’s just worth paying for convenience and FRESHLY will not disappoint.

My husband did a full review on FRESHLY several months back and he actually went into a lot more detail on price and nutritional info. If you are looking for more info you can check out his post on thatssoprimal.com.

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