Jesus Calling Storybook Bible

Jesus Calling Storybook Bible by  Sarah Young (Author) &‎ Antonia Woodard (Illustrator)

Target Reader:

Jesus Calling Storybook Bible  is awesome for any child on any occasion or just because. We have little kids so we read it to them… but once they start to read, I can’t wait for them to read this bible storybook on their own!


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Included Stories

This book really includes a great number of the bible stories! It sits at about 100 stories – half from the old testament and half from the new testament. Amazon has the “Look Inside” feature for this book and you can see the whole table of contents.

Our Thoughts on this book:

Jesus Calling Storybook Bible  is a great book for daily bible reading for kids of any age!  I actually always hope that my kids pick this one at bedtime. The stories are not too long for when my kids are drawing out bedtime, but they

also don’t cut any corners theologically! There are a handful of sections that have multiple sub-stories, like Abraham, Moses, David and Paul, where they split it into smaller sections. I appreciate this! They do only have the Jesus Calling part at the end of the section versus each verse. I really love how each story(section) includes a bible verse. We have the kids repeat it with us.

The Jesus Calling statement is really applicational, and makes the story relatable. It is written in first person as if Jesus was speaking… which is great! But my 3 year old gets confused, so I read it saying Jesus says “xxx”… That works well for us right now.

Also, can I comment on the ribbon bookmark! I love when the storybooks have those. My kids get all weird about bookmarks and I love just having it built in.

I think this is a great bible storybook! It’s in my top 3!

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