“D” is for Dependent

In a past season I wrote a handful of these ABC entries and I moved them over to My Whirlwind Life. So if the story itself seems dated in some way… that’s because I wrote it a few years ago.


Adjective1. Relying on someone or something else for aid, support, etc.
 2. Conditioned or determined by something else; contingent

I have so much to do in the next 47 hours. Minus tomorrow evening, because we now have a commitment. I have my list, it’s very long, very very long. I need help to get everything done. Yes, my husband will help, he’s actually got his own list too.

I choose to rely on the Lord for aid and support. My stress & anxiety level staying at a minimum is conditioned by and determined by my dependency on the Lord.

Even every day – I feel like I am constantly praying “Lord I need your help.” I have to rely on Him because my “winging it” usually turns into a big mess. But I think of my children’s dependency on me… I have to do so much for my bigger girls and I have to do literally everything for the baby. I need to not forget that I can be that dependent on God as His child! He wants our life to be contingent on Him.

Lord, please fill me with zeal and excitement in preparing my home for our thing we are hosting this weekend. Please exponentially multiply my energy to get everything ready and prepared. Please change my perspective on our commitment that came up tomorrow evening. Please give me Joy in attending that celebration and let me be worry free Friday night. Lord I am dependent on you! Let me knot forget that I need you every moment of every day and that’s the only way I will make it through this life. Thank you that you want to support us in that way!

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