New Year – New Things

A new year. Yes. A fresh start. Sure?! But what does that look like… it could mean a million different things for each one of us.

The main thing

This year I want to fall in Love with God and His word more and enjoy the fruit of that in my life.

New thing 1

So I decided this year to dig out a new journaling bible I got for Christmas over a year ago… and I want to keep it out on my table without the fear of “what if my kids get to it?” And I’m going to have that be my bible I regularly read at home.

I have my regular bible I carry to church and use for bible study but I feel like I’d flip out if my kids messed it up somehow. I also did a lot of my bible reading on my phone last year. However I felt very convicted about the example I was giving my kids… or not giving my kids rather. I want them to see mommy reading her bible, I want them to know that mommy spent time in the word.

It’s a stab to the heart to think that they would just know “mommy was always on her phone.” I’m already on my phone enough wasting my life away. I just want reading my bible to not be grouped with that.  I should overall just be on my phone less too in this new year.

New thing 2

I also have a new plan for dealing with the hard days. YouTube worship video dance parties. It gets hard with my kids, no lie! When the days are getting bad I pull up videos and put those on and intentionally get the kids engaged. This changes the mood and wears down the kids for nap time. I need to do this a LOT more.

New Thing 3

I also need to figure out a way to lose some weight in a way that fits into my life and all that I have going on. I’m going to commit to doing a 90 day challenge with Bikini Body Mommy. I probably should figure out eating better or something too.

So a fresh start? Well that’s up to me.  But I have God on my side. With Him all things are possible. And the good news is that He is in the details and when we lean on Him he is also the one who puts desires in our hearts.

Lord, I do believe the desire to set a Godly example as a mom who studies the word is a desire you have given me! I believe it is you urging me to be on my phone less and to be more present. I believe you’ve given me the desire to love you and your word more this year. You’ve given me this body and the desire to take care of it. Lord thank you for these desires and I pray you’d  give me abundant self control!  Thank you for new starts! Thank you for your faithfulness. Be in the details of my day each day in this new year! Help me to always lean on you. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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